8 Easy Steps to Improve Your Curb Appeal

Cardinal Financial August 22, 2016 | 4 min read
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Make your outdoor update look effortless with these DIY projects.

Whether you’re just moving in or making overdue renovations, these subtle improvements to your home’s curb appeal can make a big statement—even on a tight budget.

1. Take inventory

The first step to improving your home’s curb appeal is to assess your inventory. Take a look at what you already have and think about how you can repurpose those items. Why buy if you already have stuff you can use? Don’t skip this, especially if you’re on a budget. If the light fixture by your front door is in good working order, you may not need to replace it. You might just need to refinish it—and that can make it look brand new. You also might want to scope out the garage or basement for décor. Maybe there are a few hidden gems buried in there that you just forgot about.

2. Paint the front door

This home trend has been popular for a long time—and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Why do so many homeowners love it? Well, it’s a simple way to make a statement. Painting your front door a sassy red or a tropical turquoise can add some personality to your curb appeal. Added bonus: this makes it easy to explain which house on the block is yours to new friends.

3. Make your address numbers pop

Address numbers. Every house has them. Not every house makes them interesting. This could be an easy and fun weekend project you can do on a dime! First, check out your existing numbers and see if they’re worth salvaging. You can paint them, attach them to a painted plaque, or move them from your mailbox to your front door—to name a few options. But if your heart is set on some shiny new numbers, make that worthwhile purchase to capitalize on this simple upgrade.

4. Hang window boxes

Window boxes are long, narrow planters designed to showcase flowers or plants right below your window. You can find one that fits your style at most home and garden stores. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, gather up the supplies and build them yourself! Window boxes can add color, dimension, and charm to your home’s exterior and really dress up your outdoor space.

5. Plant perennials

If the front of your house looks a little bare and boring, liven it up by planting flowers. Just be sure to do your homework first. It may be tempting to buy whichever flowers look the prettiest, but if you base what flowers you buy off of looks, you might be disappointed. 

Here’s why. First, we recommend perennials, not annuals, because perennials grow again in the spring without needing to be replanted. Annuals, on the other hand, must be replanted every year. (Think, “Annuals must be replanted annually.”) Planting perennials is ideal for homeowners who want a low-maintenance curb appeal. Other factors to consider are the plant’s sunlight, shade, soil type, and water needs. It’s important to find out what kinds of plants would survive in your front yard and porch before you plant.
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6. Hang potted plants and greenery

Do you have a covered front porch? You could maximize that open space and hang planters from your porch ceiling. It’s a great way to improve your curb appeal and it adds dimension, drawing eyes upward. Get creative and hang planters of different colors, sizes, and shapes that reflect your home’s personality. Take the look a step further by planting draping greenery like ivy or pothos plants to create a lush, enchanted feel.

7. Give your mailbox a makeover

Paint your mailbox to match your front door. Line the inside with patterned paper. Attach new address numbers. Plant flowers at the base of the mailbox post. Sand and varnish, repaint, or replace the post. The list goes on! There are countless ways to bring your mailbox back to life and any one of these creative touches can make it stand out from the rest of the block.
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8. Add some personal touches

Grandma’s old rocker is not just an antique. It’s a precious artifact of family history and a unique piece you could display on your front porch. Maybe you don’t have grandma’s rocker, but I’m sure similar antiques are lying around your house. Bring those out of storage, dust them off, and show them off on your front porch. This is sure to improve your curb appeal—and add style that’s all your own.

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