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Cardinal Financial - October 11, 2018

CHARLOTTE, NC – Cardinal Financial’s Marketing team was recently awarded the W³ Silver award in four categories for the company’s website, The W³ Awards Competition is open to all organizations and individuals involved in creating, designing, maintaining, or promoting websites, mobile sites and apps, online marketing, social content, and original video content created for the web. To win a W³ Award is to be honored as the best of the web.

The Cardinal Financial website won Silver in the following categories:

  1. General Website Categories: Financial Services for Websites
  2. Website Features: Structure and Navigation for Websites
  3. Website Features: Visual Appeal/Aesthetics for Websites
  4. Website Features: Copy or Writing for Websites

“It’s no surprise that the Brand Marketing team received these awards for our site. It’s a great site both in form and in function,” VP of Marketing Colin Treend said. “Winning in the Financial Services category is a big win for the team and for the firm because it proves that we’re doing exactly what we need to in order to serve our customers well.”

The W³ Awards honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award-winning sites, videos, and marketing programs. Winning an award in Visual Appeal/Aesthetics was a huge accomplishment for our Creative/Design team.

“Honestly, I couldn’t be happier to have won Silver for Visual Appeal. In the Financial Services category, it can be tough to be creative, still get your sales message across, but also connect with your audience,” Creative Director Erica Lee said. “There are so many opinions on how to achieve this and I am so proud of the design, photography selection, and creative approach that we’ve brought to our site.”

“Let’s be honest, ‘mortgage’ doesn’t have a visual appeal. So the challenge of having to create that visual story, that visual flair, in and of itself is hard. But to win an award for it, that’s truly something. We’re just getting started!” Lee said.

The W³ is the first major web competition to be accessible to the biggest agencies, the smallest firms, and everyone in between. Small firms are as likely to win as Fortune 500 companies and international agencies.

“It’s an honor to be named among these big companies that are competing on a larger scale. They’ve got huge teams with multiple developers. It really says something about the quality of our work for our site to be ranked with these companies,” Full-Stack Developer Neil Camm said.

The W³ is sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, an invitation-only body consisting of top-tier professionals from acclaimed media, interactive, advertising, and marketing firms. AIVA members include executives from organizations like Conde Nast, Disney, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and many others.

“As a writer, I’m excited that our site was recognized for webcopy. It’s a great accomplishment to win an award that says your writing is competitive with these major organizations, that it’s among the best in the industry,” Copywriter Laura Lopez said. “Winning Silver for web writing motivates and challenges me to write stronger, more effective copy that will capture consumers, turn them into customers, and guide them on their home financing journey.”

This achievement is a clear step forward in carrying out Cardinal Financial’s mission to embrace, solve, and deliver. And it just goes to show that our small Marketing team is a powerhouse capable of executing world-class, agency-caliber work.

“We’re really taking note of what other companies, even non-competitors, are doing in the digital landscape and we’re always working hard to be the tip of the arrow when it comes to delivering a personalized digital experience with Cardinal,” Lopez said.

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