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Yep, We’re Committed: Cardinal Financial Recognized with Another LendingTree Top 10 Ranking in Customer Satisfaction

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Yep, We’re Committed: Cardinal Financial Recognized with Another LendingTree Top 10 Ranking in Customer Satisfaction
Cardinal Financial - October 22, 2021

CHARLOTTE, NC – Cardinal Financial is honored to be recognized among LendingTree’s Top 10 Rated in Customer Satisfaction for Q2 of 2021. This accomplishment highlights Cardinal Financial’s commitment to advancing the mortgage and home buying experience for customers. Cardinal Financial’s loan origination software, Octane®, streamlines the application process and provides industry-leading transaction transparency. But what truly sets the company apart is the team of mortgage professionals dedicated to making homeownership goals a reality—for all customers. 

“This type of recognition proves that our mission to provide the best mortgage experience possible to our customers remains at the forefront of our company’s initiatives.” Says Erica Lee, SVP, Brand & Customer Experience of Cardinal Financial. “I’m energized by the work of our Cardinal Financial staff and their commitment to doing mortgage lending the right way; by providing high quality, timely, and professional service to our customers.”

Cardinal Financial earned a 94% recommendation rate and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from a total of 2,141 total reviews. Across all this feedback, customers were especially appreciative of the efficiency, service, and professionalism they experienced during the mortgage process.

One customer from Seabridge, TX said, “The entire process was fast and service was friendly and knowledgeable.”

From company-wide initiatives to individual loan originators, the whole team at Cardinal Financial is passionate about making the home loan process the best it can be. As a borrower from Sanford, FL explained “Alex has made my refinance experience so easy, and stress-free. This is definitely the most comfortable I’ve felt while dealing with financial decisions, and would recommend Cardinal Financial to anyone.”

Cardinal Financial is focused on helping borrowers win as the company continues to embody mortgage lending done right.

About Cardinal Financial

We started Cardinal Financial with a passion for developing a better mortgage experience. Our proprietary loan origination software, Octane®, is a sure advantage, but we soon found out that revolutionary technology only goes so far without revolutionary people. We place a premium on hiring talented, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial spirits who are committed, not only to reimagining the possibilities of mortgage lending, but to delivering a personal experience to every borrower every time. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our people because they’re what sets us apart from the rest. Our culture is strengthened by self-starters who look forward to coming to work every day and are willing to go the extra mile for their colleagues and their clients. Cardinal Financial is where your career meets your calling. Join us and be a part of something more than mortgage lending. For more information about Cardinal Financial, visit or follow us on social media: and @CardinalFinancial on Instagram.

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