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Refinance for Home Improvements: How to Choose Your Best Fit

Refinancing your home loan is a common way to secure a new interest rate, but that’s not the only reason to consider a refi. It’s also how many homeowners fund home upgrades […]

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Home Renovation Loans: 6 Reasons to Take the EasyPath

Home renovation loans can be a simpler way to finance your home improvement projects. Instead of taking out an additional loan, you can roll the costs into your mortgage to avoid more […]

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DIY Renovation Tips: What Should You Actually DIY?

If you’re looking for DIY home renovation tips, you’ve probably come face to face with the DIY home renovation dilemma: Which projects should you actually DIY, and which ones should you leave […]

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New Build vs. Renovation: How to Choose Your Best Fit

If the existing houses on the market aren’t sparking joy, you’ve probably reached a classic homeownership crossroads: New build vs. renovation. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding which […]

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Land, Lumber & Labor: How the One-Time Close Construction Loan Does It All

Depending on market conditions, you may have trouble finding a home that checks all of your boxes. Sometimes there aren’t enough homes available in your area, sometimes there’s nothing in your budget, […]

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DIY Home Renovations on a Budget

DIY home renovations can be a lot to take on. They don’t have to be a lot for your budget, though. As you start making your DIY budget, consider our top five […]

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What To Expect When Building a Home

So, you want to build your own home, huh? Congratulations! Whether you’re a first-time buyer or someone who’s getting around to building the custom home you’ve been dreaming of your whole life, […]

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The Renovating a House Checklist You Absolutely Can’t Skip

New cabinets glisten in the light of trendy pendant lights. Attractive tiles line the bathroom floor where pink vinyl used to be. Durable yet attractive flooring maintains its beauty despite untrimmed pet […]

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