Jumbo Loan

High-cost area? High-cost home? If you check either box, you’re in the right place. A jumbo loan can provide more mortgage for those with awesome credit, low debt, and a large down payment ready to go.

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  • More purchasing power
  • Credit scores as low as 660 may be accepted
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Can be used for investment properties
  • Can be used to purchase a home or refi your current loan

Jumbo loans explained in 90 seconds-ish.

Jumbo Video

Pro tip: Jumbo loans can be a much smarter investment than taking out a second loan or paying cash to bridge the gap between a Conventional mortgage and a higher home purchase price. The more you know…

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Great news. With Jumbo loans, you've got options. Here's a look at what's possible.

Cardinal Jumbo

More borrowing power, less interest.

Get more borrowing power for high-cost homes with a jumbo loan. AUS stands for automated underwriting systems, which means you can enjoy a faster application process without waiting for your lender to manually assess the risk of your loan.

Cardinal Jumbo Expanded

Yep, it gets bigger than jumbo.

Jumbo expanded loans serve the same purpose as standard jumbo loans, but with even more borrowing power for luxury homes and high-cost areas. When you need more mortgage, jumbo expanded delivers with better interest rates for your loan amount.

Jumbo Rate Protect

More mortgage, less stress.

When you know you’ll need a jumbo loan but haven’t finalized that jumbo home search, Jumbo AUS Rate Protect lets you lock in your rate for up to 90 days. That’s one less thing to worry about before closing on your jumbo loan.

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