How to Throw an Epic Housewarming Party

Cardinal Financial January 3, 2023 | 6 min read
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You bought a new house, now it’s time to show it off. Here are 8 tips for hosting a housewarming party like a pro.

Even though the ink has dried on your closing documents and the dust has settled from the moving trucks, you might feel that there is still one final step to becoming a homeowner. Cue the housewarming party.

Hosting your friends and family in your brand-new space can help make your house feel like a home. Best of all? It doesn’t have to be stressful. The moving process is hectic enough, so let your housewarming party be whatever you want it to be. Not sure how to get started on planning a Gatsby-level soiree or an intimate gathering? Here are eight foolproof tips for throwing an epic housewarming party that’ll have your friends and neighbors asking, “When can we come back?”

Patience is a virtue

You know it’s coming. As soon as you tell your friends and family about your new house on social media, someone is undoubtedly going to ask about the housewarming party. The trick here is to not act as soon as possible. Give yourself some time to enjoy your home on your own before you invite everyone over. It’s YOUR space! Wait until you’re all moved in and your place is in reasonable shape before you start planning.

Between hanging the curtains and implementing measures to reduce traffic noise in your new backyard to create the perfect party oasis, it could take weeks, or even months, before you feel comfortable enough to have people over. Operate on your time, not anyone else’s.

Give a heads up

Once you feel like your house is ready to be “warmed,” it’s time to start planning. Housewarming parties are typically more intimate gatherings with close friends and family, so don’t feel pressure to tell the world about it. Send some emails, or better yet, create a Facebook group so you can keep track of who you’re inviting and who all is coming for space, food, and drink purposes.

It’s also a good idea to let your neighbors know what’s happening, especially if your homes are in close proximity to each other. You could even extend an invitation to them if you’re comfortable with it. The more (gifts and food), the merrier!

Theme-work makes the dream work

If you want to go the extra mile and make sure your party is a true success, you can’t go wrong with adding a theme to the mix. So, what are some good theme ideas? If you’re planning a fall housewarming party, it’s only natural that you go with a Halloween or Friendsgiving theme. Waiting for the winter? Secret Santa or other gift exchange parties are always solid choices. You could play into an “Around the World” theme and tell your friends to bring dishes from different countries, which provides a fun theme and food for you and your guests.

Any theme that you think your guests will enjoy, and won’t cost an arm and a leg to decorate for, is probably a good idea. Start brainstorming! And remember to have fun with it.

Have a seat

Have you ever been to a party where there aren’t enough places to sit? No fun, right? Don’t let that be your party, especially if you’re planning activities where you want everyone to participate. Nobody wants to be the person standing on the outside edge of the circle where everyone is sitting. The sofa is prime real estate, yes, but having some bar stools, floor pillows, or foldable chairs on hand can save your guests some awkwardness (and joint pain).

Want to take seating a step further? Deck out your deck (if you have one), with comfortable lounge furniture. That way, you can all enjoy the weather and take in the neighborhood just as much as your new home.

There will be refreshments

We spoke previously about the possibility of a housewarming potluck, but if that’s not your thing, it’s still a good idea to at least provide some snacks and drinks for your guests. There’s no need to prepare a royal feast here. You can just order some pizza or other finger foods that can be kept at room temperature. Fruit, cheese platters, and baked goods also work well.

As for beverages, you might consider serving a signature cocktail or “mocktail” to help yourself from having to purchase too much variety at your expensive. You can also let your guests know that they can bring any additional alcoholic drinks they’d like, such as wine and beer.

Welcome to my crib

As much as we’re sure your friends love you, you’re not the only reason they showed up to the party. They’ll likely want to check out your new place. So this is where you show off your best MTV Cribs audition and give your guests what they’ve been waiting for: the grand tour.

Pro tip: You’ll probably want to wait until all or most of your guests have arrived to prevent giving multiple tours. But if you’re in the zone and feeling extra tour guide-y, why not?

Let the games begin

There are plenty of ways to entertain guests at a housewarming party, but having a central game or activity is probably your best bet for full engagement. You’ll want to pick games that include everyone, and it’s a plus if you can relate it to your theme or your house.

Think Home Scavenger Hunt or Grand Tour Memory. But there’s nothing wrong with just playing some good old-fashioned party games like Pictionary, Uno, or Two Truths and a Lie. You know your friends better than we do, so whatever you feel is your best for keeping them entertained will work just fine.


Housewarming parties should be low-pressure. Essentially, you’re inviting a group of people who like and care about you over to hang out and explore your new digs. It doesn’t have to be anything more than that. Sure you’ll want to put your best foot forward and make sure your guests have a good time, but if you prepare accordingly, that will take care of itself.

So, our last bit of advice to you is to just relax and enjoy your own party. If the host is having fun, there’s a great chance everyone else is too.

Give yourself some time to enjoy your home on your own before you invite everyone over. It’s YOUR space! Wait until you’re all moved in and your place is in reasonable shape before you start planning.

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