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Mortgage Market 6 min read
Assumable Mortgage: What Buyers and Sellers Should Know

We take on things that someone else has owned all the time. Think about it: used cars, antique furniture that just needs a good coat of chalk paint, and vintage designer bags. […]

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Home & Garden 4 min read
How to Make Your Investment Property Pay Off This Spring

Make extra income when you rent out your investment property for spring break. It’s nearing the end of winter and cabin fever is widespread among the U.S. The good news is that […]

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Purchase 8 min read
Home Buying Guide for Experienced Buyers

Know what to look for when buying your next home. As the home buying market slowly warms up, buyers are getting their checklists ready in search of the perfect place to fit […]

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Purchase 4 min read
6 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Mountain Home

Your investment property daydream just got a little more practical. We get it—the mountains are calling your name and you must go. With each visit, you dread saying goodbye. You may be […]

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