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What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent?

Whether it’s your first time buying or selling a house or you’ve been around the block before, the right real estate agent can make all the difference. But how do you know […]

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Mortgage Market 6 min read
5 Bold Housing Market Predictions 2019

Knowing the housing market predictions for 2019 is crucial to getting ahead in your real estate business. Some say “Change is the only constant” and in the mortgage biz, this couldn’t be […]

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Benefits of Owning a Second Home

Owning a vacation home is seen as a life goal for millions of Americans, but is it the right choice for you? Owning a second home is a dream that many Americans […]

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7 Tips for Buying an Investment Property

Thinking about buying an investment property? Here’s how to start off your career as a real estate tycoon on the right foot. 1. neighborhood watch One of the most important elements in […]

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The Difference Between an Investment Property Mortgage and a Second Home Mortgage

How is an investment property mortgage different from a second home mortgage? Read on to find out. We are not providing tax, financial, or legal advice in this blog post. The difference […]

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