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Mortgage Market 4 min read
The Best Summer Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home

Reducing your home’s carbon footprint is never a bad idea, especially when it means you could save on your utility bills during the hot summer months. As the season heats up, try […]

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Buying a House in Fall: 7 Tips to Keep it Simple

So, you’re buying a house in fall. There are a lot of perks to making a purchase during the autumn season, like fewer competing offers and more motivated sellers. Even with those […]

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6 Reasons Why Fall Is a Good Time to Buy a House

Is fall a good time to buy a house? Spring and summer may be the peak home purchase seasons, but that doesn’t mean buying later in the year doesn’t have its perks. […]

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Home & Garden 5 min read
Your 8-Step Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Don’t wait for the first freeze to prep your home for colder weather. Use our fall home maintenance checklist to make sure you’re ready for whatever the season brings. By taking these […]

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How to Move with Pets: 7 Tips to Make It Easy

Pets are family—it’s important to make sure the process of moving to your next home together is as smooth as possible for them. If you’re like most pet parents, you’re probably wondering […]

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7 Tips for Selling Your Home as Quickly as Possible

Tips and tricks for selling your home in a hurry. (And for the right price.) In today’s hyper-competitive housing market, homes are flying off the proverbial shelves faster than ever before. Demand […]

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