4 Modern Home Trends That Are Sweeping the Nation

Cardinal Financial September 6, 2017 | 4 min read
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These 2017 home trends are some of America’s favorites right now.

As mortgage experts immersed in the housing industry, we always notice trends. Whether these 2017 home trends have been around for weeks or years, all four of them seem to have really gained popularity this year—and we’re sure they’ll continue into 2018. Oddly enough, some of these 2017 home trends are opposite, showing that you really can’t predict what’s going to be the next big thing. Check out these four 2017 home trends and find out if you’re a part of the décor wave that is sweeping the nation.

The open concept floor plan

One of the biggest indicators of a modern home (versus a traditional home) is the open concept floor plan. Many 2017 home trends can be classified as “modern” but the open concept leads the way. In the past decade or so, homeowners are opting for big, open spaces and are moving away from the compartmentalized rooms of the past. Do you remember growing up in a home that had a formal living room, a formal dining room, a small kitchen, etc.? Each room was probably its own, walled-in compartment of the house. Now, homeowners are knocking down those walls and opening sight lines throughout the home.

We like to think this trend is valuable because it brings people together in the home. For example, many homeowners want to be cooking a meal while they’re talking with their guests, so dine-in kitchens are becoming incredibly popular. (It’s no longer just about the breakfast bar. Now, kitchen islands are large enough to accommodate a sink, a stove top, and seating for five to six people!) Out of these 2017 home trends, the open concept floor plan works best for allowing conversation to move seamlessly throughout the home, which truly adds a sense of community and togetherness. As homeowners continue to show interest in modern home styles, we’re sure to see open concept floor plans become the new normal.

Tiny, compact, and minimalist

Let’s be real, tiny houses are nothing new. These small homes have been simultaneously fascinating us and stealing our hearts for years. This year though, it seems the concept of tiny living has been influencing homes of all sizes.

Tiny homes rule the industry in minimalist design and clever storage solutions, but these trends are not exclusive to tiny homes anymore. The clean, straight lines, monochromatic color palettes, and simple textures of minimalist design can easily be spotted in any modern home. And while they make the most sense in tiny houses, storage hacks and space-saving tips have been adopted by all kinds of homeowners with busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

This trend feels very futuristic because it is. It’s influenced by the modern furniture style that’s so popular right now and it’s complemented by the evolving needs of modern, hardworking Americans. The homes of the future are multipurpose and smart, energy-saving and environmentally conscious. If you favor a clean, clutterless home, space-saving techniques that make your busy life easier, and smart technology tools throughout the home, this is the 2017 home trend for you!


While tiny living is picking up speed, there’s another, opposite trend that’s growing—literally. In 2017, we’ve also seen some homeowners seek bigger homes and follow a trend called upsizing. Many of the homes we see on TV, online, and in magazines are big, open, and full of bright, natural light. Could it be that the homes we see in the media are influencing upsizing decisions of homeowners across the country?

Think about the concept of paying more for convenience. How many times have you paid a little extra for more benefits, more access, more features, more space? The psychology behind upsizing is similar. A bigger house gives you more options and provides the convenience of having everything right at home. Why go to the gym when you have the room for equipment in your basement? Why rent a hall when you can host parties right in your 500-square-foot family room? It’s ease and convenience all in one, but certainly at the cost of a bigger price tag.

Modern farmhouse style

You don’t have to be a country dweller to love this trend. The name says it all. Modern farmhouse takes the faded, weathered, and worn textures of the classic farmhouse and gives them the modern treatment. You’ve probably seen this look before. Tell-tale signs of this style include colors like cream, shades of blue, and sage green; gingham and checkered prints; chicken wire and metal baskets; and industrial fixtures with brushed finishes. This cozy trend is loved by all kinds of homeowners—from city slickers in high-rise lofts to families in suburbia.

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