Money Management 7 min read
15 Tips for Frugal Living: Kick Spending Habits to the Curb

Embrace frugal living and save money for a down payment with these simple tips. Are you addicted to the finer things? Love to splurge on little indulgences throughout the week? While these […]

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Money Management 11 min read
21 Ways to Save for a Down Payment

First-time buyers: We’re here to help you save money! When you’re preparing for one of the biggest purchases of your life, it’s important to figure out where that money is going to […]

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Money Management 6 min read
Five Steps to Financial Fitness: Your Financial Tips For 2022

You know the saying: “New year, new you.” Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a resolution and let it fade away within weeks? I bet a bunch of hands just went […]

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Mortgage Market 4 min read
3 Myths That Are Keeping Millennials from Homeownership

No need to worry, Millennials. Homeownership isn’t as scary as you think! Buying a home is a milestone event in anyone’s life. With it comes added responsibility, a sense of settling down, […]

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Money Management 5 min read
5 Ways to Make Homeownership Affordable for You

Find out just how affordable homeownership can be with these five tips. Tis the season of savings—or so they say. While it’s true that some of the best retail deals of the […]

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