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FHA Home Inspection Checklist: What Appraisers Look For

FHA appraisals are unique because they have two goals: First, to determine the property’s value, and second, to check for minimum health and safety standards. Here’s what you need to know about […]

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How Many FHA Loans Can You Have?

Government-backed mortgages help make homeownership possible for millions of Americans. Federal Housing Administration loans, or FHA loans as they’re more commonly known, are a popular choice for many buyers, thanks for their […]

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What Is the Difference Between FHA and Conventional Home Loans?

Looking for a home loan? Here’s a breakdown of two of the most popular mortgage programs. The time is right, and you’re ready to buy a house—the first step: Figuring out the […]

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Can I Refinance an FHA Loan?

The short answer: Yes! So, let’s dig into how to refinance your FHA loan, and answer some common questions about the process. You’ve probably heard that people are interested in taking advantage […]

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