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Mortgage Market 6 min read
Top 12 Confusing Mortgage Terms, Explained

When you start your home loan search, there are a lot of mortgage terms to sort through. Get some clarity the easy way with our roundup of 12 confusing mortgage terms, explained. […]

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Mortgage Market 9 min read
Who Sets Mortgage Rates? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Sure, you can google, “who sets mortgage rates?” and, “why do mortgage interest rates change?” But, you’ll probably be a bit baffled by the results. Is it the Federal Reserve or the […]

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Mortgage Market 8 min read
What Is the Difference Between FHA and Conventional Home Loans?

Looking for a home loan? Here’s a breakdown of two of the most popular mortgage programs. The time is right, and you’re ready to buy a house—the first step: Figuring out the […]

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Mortgage Market 5 min read
A Brief History of Mortgage Etymology

We’ve got a thing for words (in case you couldn’t tell), so we thought we’d take a break from our usual mortgage content to touch on our shared love. Don’t worry, it’s […]

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Purchase 7 min read
Wondering What to Look For in a Mortgage Lender? We’ve Got the Answers.

Worried about what it takes to buy a home? Overwhelmed by the number of lenders out there? Good news: If you’ve ever purchased a car, you’ve probably got a good idea of […]

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Mortgage Market 3 min read
Low Down Payment Mortgages Are Making a Comeback

After falling out of grace following the housing crisis, low down payment mortgages are back with a different look. Don’t look now, but low down payment mortgage loans are back—but not in […]

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Mortgage Market 4 min read
3 Bold Housing Predictions for 2018

Our bold housing predictions for 2018 say the future’s bright. In the mortgage business, things never stay the same for too long. It’s a cyclical industry and that’s why we’re always keeping […]

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