Mortgage Market 6 min read
Should I Buy a House? 10 Benefits of Owning a Home

“Should I buy a house?” It’s a big question, with a lot of variables determining the answer. But don’t worry! We’re here to help simplify it with our top 10 benefits of […]

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Money Management 4 min read
Should I Use My Tax Refund as a Down Payment?

Put that extra cash toward your future. Tax return season is upon us. As checks come in the mail, renters have the chance to put those extra earnings toward something more than […]

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Purchase 5 min read
Tax Proration: How to Pay Property Taxes Like a Pro

Barring very special circumstances, taxes are a fact of life for the vast majority of people. Sales tax, income tax, and for home buyers and owners alike, property tax. By now, you’ve […]

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Money Management 6 min read
Homeowners Catch a Break with the Homestead Credit

Eligible homeowners who apply for the homestead credit can get property tax relief. We’ve said it before, but it’s often cheaper to buy than rent. But once someone becomes a homeowner, they […]

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