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CF Executive Erica Price Represents Cardinal Financial at NEXT™ Women in Technology Conference

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CF Executive Erica Price Represents Cardinal Financial at NEXT™ Women in Technology Conference
Cardinal Financial - July 23, 2018

DALLAS, TX – Last month, Erica Price had the opportunity to be honored as a guest speaker at the NEXT™ Women in Technology Conference in Dallas, Texas. The NEXT™ Conference touched on many industry topics, namely, the new one-click dual AUS submissions for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans and the increasing need for automation and efficiency in the mortgage transaction. Price, who recently moved into a Chief of Credit role after several years of acting as Chief of Mortgage Operations, proudly represented Cardinal Financial at this event and talked about the ways in which we’re well positioned for the future of the mortgage industry.

“As automation and efficiency are more highly demanded in the mortgage transaction, we remain well positioned to deliver a fast, simple, streamlined process—both to those processing the loan and to those borrowing from us,” Price said.

Finally, the technology mortgage lenders need in order to streamline the process is here. And as technology reshapes countless other aspects of life, consumers are consequently demanding that it reshape their mortgage experience.

“We’re hearing more demand for automation and efficiency,” Ellie Mae VP of Strategic Relations Piper Beveridge said. “Origination costs are too high, it takes too long; borrowers are demanding a different experience.”

And they should. After all, that’s the way of the future. “We want to have the process be as efficient as possible, and we want to strip out some of the costs,” Price said. Efficiency at a fraction of the cost is the name of the game, and without the aid of modern technology and trained staff with the resources to use it, some companies are going to lose out.

But that’s not Cardinal Financial’s story. For the past decade, we’ve been dedicated to engineering loan solutions that meet the needs of our consumers. To be given this opportunity to describe and discuss some of the key wins that we’ve been able to craft and deliver through technology is both humbling and rewarding.

“We still have work to do, but we are so close to being able to share our advancements with our customers. We feel that what we have in store will change the way borrowers transact with us—and change the speed at which we can offer service to them,” Price said.

The NEXT™ Conference featured some of the most influential mortgage companies of our decade and it was evident that there are strong, influential women behind all of these companies. It was an honor to have Erica Price represent Cardinal Financial and all the influential women in this company.

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