10 Reasons Why You Haven’t Picked Cardinal Financial . . . Yet

Laura Lopez February 23, 2018 | 7 min read
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Bye, bye insecurities. Cardinal Financial’s got you covered.

10. why should I become a homeowner when renting is just fine?

Renting may be fine, but we think buying is better (OK, we’re partial). Homeownership has long been part of the American dream, and when you crunch the numbers and compare the financial aspects of buying versus renting, you can start to see why. Although buying a home can be more expensive up front, over time, it can be a wiser financial decision. Many renters who’ve made the switch to homeownership will tell you that their biggest hurdle was saving for a down payment and closing costs (more on that later), but month over month, they’ve actually saved money. Plus, why pay someone else’s mortgage when you can be making an investment and building equity?

But the benefits of home buying aren’t just financial—sometimes it’s the simple freedom that comes with owning your own space! When you rent, you often face restrictions like you can’t paint or hang up photos, you can’t have a pet without paying a bunch of fees, and you can’t really make long-term plans. When you think about all the benefits of buying your own home, does renting really seem “just fine”?

We know it’s a job well done when “I’m not ready to buy a house yet” turns into “Why didn’t I buy a house sooner?”

9. what if I’m not ready to buy a house yet?

To that we say, “If not now, when?” We get that the timing isn’t always right, and your obstacles to homeownership may be currently out of your control. But as industry veterans, we’ve seen it all, and we challenge you to reimagine the possibilities of homeownership.

If you’re worried about coming up with that hefty 20% down payment, don’t be. For qualifying borrowers, we now accept as little as 3.5% on FHA loans, 3% on Conventional loans, and 0% on VA loans. Plus, we have down payment assistance programs and we honor mortgage credit certificates in certain states—one of them could be yours! We’ll even work with grants and gift funds, depending on your loan program and financial situation, and we’re always working to make sure you’re getting the best value possible. Because we know it’s a job well done when “I’m not ready to buy a house yet” turns into “Why didn’t I buy a house sooner?”

8. what if I don’t have good credit history?

You’re in good company. Managing credit wisely is no easy feat. We understand managing credit can be tricky and challenging at times, sometimes even resulting in significant derogatory credit events like bankruptcy and foreclosure. If it’s happened to you, you’re not damaged goods. Choose the flexible lender. At Cardinal Financial, we don’t try to fit you to a product—we fit our product to you. With low credit score options (580 for FHA loans!) and an Expanded loan product for borrowers with credit challenges, we’re prepared to show you that your homeownership dreams are possible.

If you’ve experienced a significant derogatory event, you’re not damaged goods.

7. what if I already got a quote from another lender?

There’s good news for both of us! If you already got a quote or loan estimate from another lender, the good news is you don’t have to stick with them. Call us and you might qualify for something better. We price competitively and many of our customers will tell you that our rate and fee combination won them over to Team Cardinal Financial. While the rest of the market is in a big brouhaha, competing for today’s piece of the pie and focused on short-term goals, we’re making long-term investments. We don’t offer “get rich quick” deals because we know those types of business moves are unsustainable. Cardinal Financial is our name and longevity is our game—we plan on sticking around for a while.

6. what if the loan process takes a long time?

Is your lease up soon? Need to move quickly and get in your new home fast? No problem. We proudly average 29 days from lock to close (on home purchases) and we’ll work our hardest to get you home as quickly as we can. How can we speak so confidently, you ask? It’s our talented, go-the-extra-mile staff and our fast proprietary technology. We’ve spent years developing our own intuitive loan origination system which processes loans super fast. And because we believe so much in this digital platform, we’ve created a training program to make our already amazing staff fluent in how to use it. “Long time” . . . says who? Not Cardinal Financial customers.

5. what if I have no idea what I’m doing?

First-time buyers are our specialty. Even if this isn’t your first home purchase, we’ll take good care of you. We make sure to hire only the very best staff that’s both talented and trained to handle even complex financial situations. It’s OK if you have no idea what goes into the mortgage process. We’ll give clear directions, set accurate expectations, and talk you through the process every step of the way. And, if there’s a question we can’t answer and we need to escalate, our management team is readily accessible on the floor.

Cardinal Financial is our name and longevity is our game—we plan on sticking around for a while.

4. why would I choose someone I’ve never heard of over the big banks?

Great question! Because, normally, big banks come with big rates. Remember that rate and fee combination we mentioned? We offer some of the most competitive rates in the market and customers are loving us for it. We may be the new kids on the block, but we’re dedicated to proving to you that we’re here to stay. It’s all because we believe in delivering a unique and personal lending experience; one that challenges you to reimagine the possibilities of mortgage lending; one that is fast and easy, not archaic like some of the “big guys.”

3. what if digital mortgages are just a fad?

The future is digital, and technology is only getting more and more integrated into our daily lives. From where you are right now, we bet there are at least five electronic devices in the room around you. That should be an indication that the world as we know if it only going to become more marked by technology. Digital mortgages aren’t a fad—that’s what people said about the cell phone 15 years ago and look where we are now.

Fads are not our forté. A digital mortgage experience has been around for years, we just made it better. We’ve now given you the ability to take a few minutes to fill out a short form on our website and, soon after, speak to a loan originator on the phone to discuss your options. By integrating technology right from the start, we’re making your home loan process fast, easy, and seamless from quote to close.

2. what if rates drop again? Shouldn’t I wait to get the best rate out there?

Rates fluctuate all the time. But we agree: you should get the best rate out there. That’s why, if you lock your loan with us, we have triggers set up to alert you when it’s a good time to refinance. Plus, there are so many advantages to being a Cardinal Financial customer that’s part of our portfolio: we can offer you fast and easy service, minimal documentation requirements, and no lender fees! Rates may not be lower than they are today, and if they rise, don’t you want to say you locked in when they were lower?

1. did we miss any other reason not to choose Cardinal Financial as your lender?

Nope? We can’t think of anything either. So the real question is . . . What are you waiting for? Click here and get started with Cardinal Financial now!

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